Our philosophy is simple: it has never been easier, cheaper and quicker to start a company. Why? 

Because of the vast amount of platforms, services, fractional experts and, most importantly, the startup ecosystems around the country that focus on supporting entrepreneurs.

Our experience working with numerous experts, platforms and services gives us insight into who can be trusted, which services work as advertised and who we have relationships with. 

We offer our trusted network to you.



Gone are the days of hiring CPAs in offices to record transactions, reconcile accounts and maintain compliant books for your company.  Due to innovations within software, particularly with integrations, there are services that operate as a platform that can provide accurate, dependable and timely bookkeeping for a fraction of the price of a traditional CPA.  The most accurate, trusted and effective accounting solution should be technologically advanced offering real-time accounting.  Contact us to learn more about how you can bring down the cost of bookkeeping, ensure accuracy and compliance all the while automating your financial operations workflow.

Merchant Processing

Arguably, one of the most complicated solutions all businesses require is the ability to accept electronic and credit card payments.  While large companies like Square and Stripe offer an easy set-up a it should be noted that these platforms are not designed to scale with high-growth companies.  Often, owners are leaving money by simply not checking on how much they spend.  Our trusted partners offer highly-competitive processing on systems that are designed to scale that come with world-class support and technical expertise to customize a solution for your business.

Business Lending

Access to traditional forms of capital during the growth-stages of any business is crucial.  High-growth companies should not focus exclusively on investors for growth capital.  Purchase order and receivables financing, business lines of credit, commercial real estate loans, management buyouts and specialty credit facilities are all available from private networks of boutique finance firms and investment group.  We help leaders explore ways to grow without further dilution and grow quicker with the right resources.

Personal Lending

Entrepreneurs and investors alike experience difficulties with traditional financing whether it's to purchase a home, acquire investment properties or have a line of credit available.  This is due to the unique ways that entrepreneurs and investors are compensated, often resulting in not being able to meet standard underwriting guidelines for financing.  Our trusted network includes lenders that can leverage large bank balances and investment accounts for underwriting instead of focusing on traditional income verification.